Another restaurant guide?

Over the last few years, the most popular page on our website has been our annual BYOB List for Hong Kong.  This year, we wanted to expand this list to include the restaurants wine lovers have been going to for their wine selection, helpful sommeliers, excellent service or simply their glassware.


Hong Kong is a city of that moves at a hectic pace.  Things change fast here but one thing that is constant is our love of dining out.  We love our good wines in Hong Kong and moreover we love good food.  Restaurant talk can be a sport and when you throw your bottle in there, the sport is taken to a higher ground.


We hope this online guide will act as a helpful resource to the wine loving Hong Kongers out there that are looking for not just where to eat but a place that supports great wine culture.  And for all the visitors that love to come to Hong Kong to enjoy our dining scene, we hope this guide will give you a different insight to our dynamic city.
Cheers from all of us at Ginsberg+Chan